Personalized Cake Boxes

Cake is a really important bakery item and is used on several different occasions and festivities. Cake is a selling bakery merchandise and is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It is important to pack cake in caliber boxes that their flavor stays maintained. Cake is a food item and contains. Outside appearance of this cake sticks is also quite important because it attracts the customers and convinces them about the good quality of the products. Personalized cake sticks are extremely important to increase the amount of sales of cakes. Personalized cake sticks include the use of beautiful designed in beautiful colours. Our experts have a unique and attractive group of designs made by using appealing colour scheme.

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We customize your boxes to give your cakes a whole and credible look. All information along with logo is printed on boxes to make it look trust worthy. Customers accept or reject a new product in several seconds boxes that are customized influence customers’ choice. Boxes raise your revenues. ICutsomBoxes understand the worth of individuality of a brand. Window panes are added on request to display your biscuits in method.

Printed personalized cake boxes are complete and comprehensive and they’re ready to sale. They comprise all the details and information that makes a box worthy and credible. Every brand that makes cakes includes its own unique identity that’s represented by its own logo. The logo cannot be copied or replicated. The emblem is very important to increase the sale of cakes as people only trust branded and secure food products. Personalized cake sticks are have to to make a brand grow quickly in numbers of its customers.

Personalized cake boxes wholesale is a means to raise the sales of cakes and make huge revenues. Personalized cake sticks wholesale are mostly sold to retailers, bakeries or even cafés that have very high number of their sales of cakes. Windows added to customized cakes boxes are all utilized to display them in very attractive manner.

Personalized Cake boxes

Cakes are the parts of birthdays and the most liked sweet of this bakery. To carry the cakes at a special manner, packaging boxes are utilized that not only enhance the merchandise appeal but also permit the user to readily carry different kinds of cakes protectively. The boxes can be customized in styles different shapes and dimensions to keep different sizes of cakes. Cakes are also a distinctive thing in events such as birthdays, parties and Christmas, for such events themed printing on the personalized cake boxes could be made that will relate to the event that’s being celebrated.

Custom made cake boxes

If you’re confectioner and product sorts of cakes in your bakery, then you need to opt for natural brown Kraft bakery boxes which are in fashion and will reflect the high quality of your cakes. ICustomBoxes, which is among the very experienced packaging boxes producers in the United States will provide you in category cake sticks at rates. We offer free design service service to you and our professional designers will help you in attaining the ideal design of these boxes so that your product can fit in properly and look appealing.

Custom printed cake boxes

You can also have personalized cake boxes by getting them printed with flashy color schemes and designs. The flashy printing will promote your brand in the market and will help in raising the item appeal. We at ICustomBoxes publish your boxes using offset and digital printing equipment that produces premium excellent printing onto the boxes.

We also use high quality cardboard substance for your manufacturing of your customized cake sticks . They’re sturdy enough to take the load of heavy cakes and will not tear off during delivery and take away. You are able to add a translucent window on the customized cake boxes that will allow the clients to find the cakes from without touching them. Is recyclable and can be printed in any color demanded by the clients.


Together with our high end solutions, we ensure that you receive the boxes which you have demanded. Our quality assurance team makes sure that is made according to the specified dimensions. You are able to order us is quantity that is wholesale as well as in quantity because we have no limit in accepting that the order to the custom boxes. We make customized cake boxes in different shapes and closing styles that protect the standard of cake by rescuing them from any contamination. is very common packaging brand among its clients due to creating premium quality boxes and elegant designs. We take the complaints of our clients positively and to improve our services. We create best personalized cake boxes and they are very popular among our customers. We provide free transport of cake boxes to customers residing in the USA.